Image: Mladen Hrvanovic

Image: Mladen Hrvanovic


For a dialogue to form, the process requires another. When another is presented the dialogue becomes a dichotomy. Do we adopt another persona according to who we are talking to and how genuine is that chat? According to David Bohm, no one wins a dialogue; a dialogue is an exploratory process and does not work towards a goal. However, Mikhail Bakhtin held that relationships and connections exist among all living beings, and that dialogue creates a new understanding of a situation that demands change.

Dialogue can be seen as an exchange but this exchange is not always equal or amicable, it can manifest into an emotional charge, disagreements, it may lead to conflicts, irrationality, fake romances, or jealous contingencies. Does dialogue hinder us or further us?

Olivier Deprez

'Red Series, Waiting'
Oil on canvas

The works of Olivier Deprez are based on reality. His paintings look like snapshots, accidental recordings of everyday phenomena: an elder couple waiting in a station hall, someone on a escalator, etc. Deprez reproduces them realistically, but ensures that details are highlighted within the painting process. In so doing he ensures that his paintings remain identifiable for the audience, but they are never translated directly into the fabric of the paint. The artist flattens out small details, so that his paintings acquire a strange anonymity. Or he intensifies colours so that the painting suggests a more emotional experience where one wouldn't expect one.